Tuesday, January 25, 2011

more B.A.S.S. decals needed

 It might sound kind of strange to say this, but I would like to make a few suggestions to the new ownership at B.A.S.S. You guys have 2 major jobs right now that I would recommend concentrating on.

 #1 get more subscribers to the magazine and internet web site. First give away 3 months free of the magazine and include a decal. Also B.A.S.S. if you read this silly blog go over to - my friend, Larry Thornhill  online magazine and get a look at the future - http://www.onlineoutdoorsmen.com/ . He knew what the future was going to be. Now he is running one of the best online magazines out there that has to do with fishing... Good Job LT...

 #2 get some sponsors that make sense to bass fishing people. Here is a good starting point:
a. Gasoline sponsor - you cannot drive to the lake without gas in your truck and boat. Would it not be cool to pull up to a Chevron station and have to wait in line to get fuel, while no one is at BP.
b. Hotel sponsor - every fishing person that travels has to stay at a hotel. Why would not a large chain sign up to be a sponsor and get everyone with a B.A.S.S.  card or decal a discount to stay at their hotel. Sorry guys Kim and I can only sleep 2 more couples at our house and parking is limited....lol
c. Fast food restaurant - I am sorry but, fast food and restaurant should not be in the same sentence. Hey as my Momma use to say, “Boy, you got to eat!" We fishing people must eat while traveling and attending events. I think it would be neat to pull into Arby's and see nothing but trucks and boats and McDonalds parking lot empty.
d. Truck sponsor - well Toyota has that one locked down right now, but FORD or Dodge should be waiting in the wings to grab up that deal.

 Well that’s enough to get the people at B.A.S.S. started on future sponsorship ideas. Call me if you need some help; I have a friend in the marketing business in Atlanta.  You know more than anything I want to see the B.A.S.S. decals back in the review window of pickup trucks, SUV's and cars again. I am doing my part, look for my white Tundra on the road, at a tournament site or at the boat ramp I have my B.A.S.S. decal proudly in my window. Do you?

til next time..... FISH ON! and GOD bless our troops.....tgb

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yesterday 49 out of 50

OK, whoever made Mother Nature mad needs to apologize right now; this is not funny anymore.  Just yesterday in the United States 49 out 50 states had snow on the ground. So what about "Global Warming" and Al Gore; where in the heck has the former VP gone?  I want to hear his thoughts on this matter now. I am guess he is in Nashville, TN scratching his head trying to come up with something else. I did find one funny remark I will leave you with - journalist Phelim McAleer asked Gore, “Mr. Gore, is this name changing of Global Warming to a symbol simply an acknowledgment that global temperatures have stabilized or gone down for the past decade, and that the science is certainly not settled given the recent Climategate and IPCC scandals?” Gore replied, “Not at all.  The scientific consensus is stronger than ever, and The Phenomenon Formerly Known as Global Warming is posing an ever greater threat to our planet’s future, and to the future we leave our grandchildren.” 

Come on over to Braselton, GA Mr. Gore and explain all this ice and snow to me. I did find out cabin fever is a disease that can be treated.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

What if ?

Today as I sat and watched Fox News channel I was wondering.... hmmmm. What would have happened if  the new Speaker of the House - Congressman John Boehner would have hit that women right between the eyes with that gavel!!!!

 So then my medical thought was - he would have possibly created a subdural hematoma. These are usually the result of a serious head injury. When this occurs in this way, it is called an "acute" subdural hematoma. Acute subdural hematomas are among the deadliest of all head injuries. The bleeding fills the brain area very rapidly, compressing brain tissue. This often results in brain injury and may lead to death.

 But, that would not be the answer to this problem. The answer is for every Congressman and woman to remember and know that we the people elected them and we the people and run you out of office.

Do you know who your elected officials are? If not try this web site:

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good Evening - welcome to my world!

Thought I would start something crazy.... Let's blog something funny, interesting, fishing stuff (Pro's or co's), sponsors new stuff, hunting lessons or even maybe some dog training stuff. But, nothing about firefighting or Paramedic stuff. I plan on having some fun with this blog. Alot of thoughts about what is going on in our world, state, county and my little city. We will start with something small..... Hello..... Life is Good!