Tuesday, January 25, 2011

more B.A.S.S. decals needed

 It might sound kind of strange to say this, but I would like to make a few suggestions to the new ownership at B.A.S.S. You guys have 2 major jobs right now that I would recommend concentrating on.

 #1 get more subscribers to the magazine and internet web site. First give away 3 months free of the magazine and include a decal. Also B.A.S.S. if you read this silly blog go over to - my friend, Larry Thornhill  online magazine and get a look at the future - http://www.onlineoutdoorsmen.com/ . He knew what the future was going to be. Now he is running one of the best online magazines out there that has to do with fishing... Good Job LT...

 #2 get some sponsors that make sense to bass fishing people. Here is a good starting point:
a. Gasoline sponsor - you cannot drive to the lake without gas in your truck and boat. Would it not be cool to pull up to a Chevron station and have to wait in line to get fuel, while no one is at BP.
b. Hotel sponsor - every fishing person that travels has to stay at a hotel. Why would not a large chain sign up to be a sponsor and get everyone with a B.A.S.S.  card or decal a discount to stay at their hotel. Sorry guys Kim and I can only sleep 2 more couples at our house and parking is limited....lol
c. Fast food restaurant - I am sorry but, fast food and restaurant should not be in the same sentence. Hey as my Momma use to say, “Boy, you got to eat!" We fishing people must eat while traveling and attending events. I think it would be neat to pull into Arby's and see nothing but trucks and boats and McDonalds parking lot empty.
d. Truck sponsor - well Toyota has that one locked down right now, but FORD or Dodge should be waiting in the wings to grab up that deal.

 Well that’s enough to get the people at B.A.S.S. started on future sponsorship ideas. Call me if you need some help; I have a friend in the marketing business in Atlanta.  You know more than anything I want to see the B.A.S.S. decals back in the review window of pickup trucks, SUV's and cars again. I am doing my part, look for my white Tundra on the road, at a tournament site or at the boat ramp I have my B.A.S.S. decal proudly in my window. Do you?

til next time..... FISH ON! and GOD bless our troops.....tgb

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