Thursday, January 6, 2011

What if ?

Today as I sat and watched Fox News channel I was wondering.... hmmmm. What would have happened if  the new Speaker of the House - Congressman John Boehner would have hit that women right between the eyes with that gavel!!!!

 So then my medical thought was - he would have possibly created a subdural hematoma. These are usually the result of a serious head injury. When this occurs in this way, it is called an "acute" subdural hematoma. Acute subdural hematomas are among the deadliest of all head injuries. The bleeding fills the brain area very rapidly, compressing brain tissue. This often results in brain injury and may lead to death.

 But, that would not be the answer to this problem. The answer is for every Congressman and woman to remember and know that we the people elected them and we the people and run you out of office.

Do you know who your elected officials are? If not try this web site:

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