Thursday, March 17, 2011

I like my boss and I am not weird!

Yesterday was the first employee meeting in many, many, many moons with the boss. You see my boss at work is called the Fire Chief! And yes, I like my boss and I like what he stands for. There is nothing wrong with saying you agree with the boss! I just think he gets it while many others do not have a clue about what we do. If you do the right thing in life you will not regret it.

 I only reason I know what "The Boss" stands for is he lives it and secondly the signs are posted on the department’s web site, in all the fire stations and on the walls at HQ. Everyone should have some kind of "Values" in their life. The values we, as a department, believe it are Truth, Trust, Respect, and Unity. You cannot go wrong if you always tell the Truth. You are definitely living the good life if your boss and your co-workers Trust you and your judgments. We all must show Respect towards each other. Last, Unity means that we all believe in one goal and that goal to me is that my crew stays safe and we all go home in the morning.

 When you have to make a decision on doing the right thing remember this, “Could you stand in front of your parents and explain what you just did?" It’s a pretty simple question, but it will make you think if you made the right decision or the wrong decision. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Til next time.... tgb out!

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