Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What the heck Carlos!

Carlos Irwin Estevez aka Charlie Sheen -  what in the wild, wild world of sports are you freaking thinking, doing and acting like? I am just totally confused into thinking that the 1.8 million dollars, someone receives per episode for a TV show could really ruined your life. I am sorry, but I am thinking I would not have that problem if I went to work and they paid me that much...

Last night as I laid in bed listening Carlos being interviewed by Piers I thought to myself, "Dang there's another one lost to the Hollywood crowd!" Why is it when they throw money at people all it does is ruin them? The average Jack and Jill have their 2.5 children, go to work 5 days a week and attend church on Sunday. There life is not perfect, but it surely beats what these actor folks are living through. I think I will keep my weird life and continue on. I like paying my own bills, eating out when I want, attending my church and driving what I can afford.

 Is there something wrong here? Yes, there is! We all have made the sports athlete’s, actors and celebrity’s non human. We act as if they are all bigger than life itself and they are not. I think Carlos could not use some one on one time with the man. I would recommend him sitting out on a lake in a bass boat and looking up at the heavens and talking to GOD. He has a plan for all of us; some know it and others do not have a clue. Open up your ears and listen to what he says back!!!!!

A list of famous celebrities who have died of alcoholism or drugs. So who's next?

Lenny Bruce
Janis Joplin
Jimmy Hendrix
Mamma Cass
Tommy Dorsey
John Entwistle
Chris Farley
John Belushi
Michael Jackson
Judy Garland
Margaux Hemingway
Marilyn Monroe
Jim Morrison
Gram Parsons
River Phoenix
Ike Turner
Sid Vicious

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