Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Vicious Fishing going Canadian

June 13, 2011
For Immediate Release

Contact: Chris Armstrong

PELL CITY, AL – Vicious Fishing today announced a significant move into the Canadian market through a new agreement with EdgePoint Incorporated and its product distribution network. Under this agreement, EdgePoint Inc. will immediately begin distributing the entire family of Vicious Fishing lines.

“With new products like Pro Elite Fluorocarbon and hot selling items such as Panfish Ice and our Vicious Braid, Canada offers a great opportunity for Vicious Fishing to take a big step forward in the North American market. We're very happy to have EdgePoint Inc. lead us into this new territory.” stated Chris Armstrong, National Sales Manager of Vicious Fishing. “Our consumer demand has grown exponentially year-after-year since we introduced the brand in 2006 and we think this will help us continue to see that growth for years to come.”

“The Pro Elite Fluorocarbon is produced in Japan with some of the most superior resins and technology available.  Vicious utilizes a level winding spooling process that continually lays-down the line side-by-side or parallel to itself across a single row; concurrently stacking the line precisely on top of the previous row as it traverses across additional rows.  The significant benefits of this state of the art process will be recognized by all anglers once they fish with Pro Elite Fluorocarbon.“ adds Eugene Ghounarides, CEO of EdgePoint, Inc.  

A few of the key benefits of leveling winding vs. traditional spooled line are:

  1. Significantly reduced line memory: Laser-guided system maintains even tension throughout the spooling process and keeps the line from twisting while eliminating line stretch as it traverses across each layer or row; thus keeping the line supple and memory free.
  2. Casts further: The technique of winding the line side-by-side across each layer and stacking each layer parallel maintains the lines inherent smoothness and eliminates line criss-cross which cause minute knicks and abrasions on the line surface.  As a result, the line passes more freely through the rod guides; providing longer and smooth casts.
  3. Increased abrasion resistance.
  4. Maintains tensile and knot strength longer.
  5. Smooth and easier to handle: The precise and even line tension throughout the spooling process eliminates line twist and keeps the line smooth and supple and more in-round; thus the line is easier to handle when tying knots or adding terminal tackle.
  6. The line performs better on spinning reels because it maintains less memory and handles easily.

“We've been seeking a fishing line manufacturer for quite some time and found our perfect fit with Vicious. A top of the line product, outstanding value and great people,” commented Craig Butler, COO of EdgePoint Inc. “We're really excited to have Vicious on board with us.”

For dealers interested in stocking any of the Vicious Fishing products, please contact EdgePoint at or call (416) 277-6308.

By offering premium fishing line, apparel and other angling products at an exceptional value,
Vicious Fishing was inspired by the everyday angler. Today's angler deserves quality, durability and reliability in their gear and Vicious delivers all of that with attitude. Vicious Fishing headquarters are located in Pell City, AL. For more information regarding Vicious Fishing and its family of products, visit or call 866-645-0024.

EdgePoint Inc. is a Canadian full service outdoor & recreational sporting goods distribution centre, serving Canada from their Toronto office.  EdgePoint Incorporated is focused on the fishing industry and recreational sports, the company represents top brands, such as BioEdge Fishing Products, Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits, Vicious Fishing, Eco Pro Tungsten, Fin-tech Tackle Company Inc., Mizmo Bait Company, Bill Lews Rat-L-Trap, Poor Boy’s Baits, and V&M.