Monday, March 12, 2012

The Guy is just a Winner!

The Guy is just a Winner!

On Sunday night my Dad called me on my drive home from the Lake Hartwell FLW event and wanted to know how my 2 buddies (Brent & Marty) did in the tournament. I told him Brent won and Marty finished 3rd.

Dad said “Brent is just a winner, son!” And that’s the truth.

Brent Ehrler is a winner because he has the mindset of a winner and he takes the actions of a winner! Their all actions that every one of us can take too directly affect our personal life and our business.

First of all, Brent is compassionate about the sport of bass fishing.  When you see him starting a tournament you can tell that a fire burns in him different than his competitors. His mental focus is different than anyone I have ever been around; some call in: “In the Zone!” The first person who has to believe in what you have to say is YOU…and then others will get on board. Brent’s work ethic is legendary. The guy is always doing extra work such as studying maps, reading online about a lake and practicing prior to the tournaments from daylight til dark.

There are some competitors that don’t understand him. It’s the same in your personal life and at your business.  The one thing we all have is the same amount of time.  Use your time wisely, have a healthy personal life and a work ethic towards your goals. Your goals might be different than mine, but they are just as important.

Brent is a very focus forward person. He is looking towards the next catch, the next fish, the next spot and now the next trophy. Good things happen fast and you must be prepared to move forward and up.

Finally, there is a mission in that guy’s head. Brent’s focus is on securing a future for his family (wife Kelley and his son Ollie). It’s not all about the fish, trophies & the money. You must have a mission for your person life and business if you want to make stuff happen.

You are a star my friend! Keep on shining bright! You continue to be an inspiration to many!

Thanks for reading….. BRANCH

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