Friday, March 2, 2012

Lately, I feel I am completely overwhelmed….

When I think of all the people I have met along my life's journey – in elementary, middle school, high school, college, in the back of an ambulance, at Bass Pro Shops, in an airport, at the race track, on the water, at my church, at our favorite restaurant and yes even online - I think of how many twists and turns our lives take in order for us to meet when we did, where we did, so that we could become friends, fall in love, open our hearts, dream bigger dreams, live more fully, laugh more, and follow the way.

When I think of the love, the courage, the strength, the peace, the joy, the wonder, the gratitude, the grace, the mercy, the forgiveness that I have been granted it makes me want to say hmmmmm……

When I think of a friend it is someone that will just give you a hand shake/hug (it’s a man thing) for no reason. Or my favorite, pick up the phone and say, “How are you?” It’s not a big long answer, but it makes me think. Yep, I am good! I have the love of my life with me, my children are happy, our parents are healthy, our faith is strong and our dogs are – “Living The Dream”.

So as my friend comes to town to tonight to stop and make appearance at Bass Pro Shops; we know the first thing we will both do when we see each other. Yep, time for a man hug! He is my buddy, a friend and just a all around good dude!

 So I ask you, “How are you?”

Thanks for reading….. BRANCH

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