Thursday, March 22, 2012

They call it fishing for a reason!

As the old saying goes, if we caught fish every time we went out, they’d call it catching instead of fishing.  So, I guess my trip last week to the Georgia TBF Top 6 on Clark Hill Reservoir was a fishing trip. I did do some catching, but a lot of fishing! My team (Joey, Donny, Danny, Hunter, RW and me) Cumming, GA Bassmasters finished 4th in the team competition.

Practicing for the tournament was descent. We were catching a lot of 1-2 pound fish, but we never could locate the big girls! Bass fishing has been pretty good in the pockets for a few days, and then the fish moved out on the points. I spent some time up the Savannah River in some pockets near the Hwy 378 Bridge, in the Fort Gordon Rec. area and around the bridge in Little River in pockets and on some shallow humps. We had been catching our share of 1-2 pound fish by using a Strike King Lizard in Green Pumpkin on a Carolina Rig or using a Strike King 1/8oz. “Shakeyhead” with Zoom Trick Worm in Green Pumpkin.

I really believe the key to catching fish last week in the clear water was using a quality Rod and Reel that is spooled with a soft, high quality fluorocarbon line. All week my main rods and reels were the following: a Bass Pro Shops -Johnny Morris Carbon Lite Reel and Micro Guide Trigger Rod 6’9 MH or a Johnny Morris Signature Series II Rod 6’8 Medium and Reel Spinning Combo. I spooled both reels with Vicious Pro Elite Fluorocarbon Line 6lb. on the spinning reel and 14 lb. on the baitcaster reel.

Two things I must mention: #1 the companies that supported our team – Mercury Marine, Yamaha Outboards, Vicious Fishing and Lowrance Electronics. Secondly, I cannot forget the incredible staff and people that put on the Georgia TOP 6 TBF Championship tournament – truly a class act! It has been a long time that I have been in a tournament so well organized from the arrival at the park up to the weight in. Good job Larry and his team!

I will leave you with this today with fishing excuses from Joe -

·          Currents too strong

·         Barometer rising

·         East wind

·         Barometer falling

·         Too calm

·         Fish shut down just before we started

·         The lake needs a good storm to stir them up.

·         Fish are not here (or they'd be hitting)

·         No currents

·         Sunny

·         Too windy to control boat

·         Wrong moon phase

·         Fish facing wrong way

·         Too many bait fish

·         Not enough bait fish

·         Didn't have right lure action

·         Didn't have right lure color

·         Didn't have enough time

·         Water too rough

·         South wind

·         Gear not working properly

·         Partner not fishing seriously

·         Trolling motor troubles
·         Cloudy

·         Others fishing our spot

·         Lost fishing coordinates

·         Should have fished elsewhere

·         North wind

·         West wind

·         Hooks dull

·         Fish hit during nature call

·         Followed another fisherman's advice

·         Jinxed

·         Fish "Hitting Short"

·         Fish "Slapping lure with their tails"

·         New equipment

·         Tackle in other tackle box.

·         Weights Wrong Color

·         Too prepared - even brought cooler ice

·         Didn't remove hook protector

·         Sun facing wrong way

Time to go catching - Thanks for reading….. BRANCH

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