Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Your name is Bubba and you play golf!!!!

Many of you know I took up golf about 6 months ago. But, I am not a big TV watcher so watching golf on TV means nap time in the past! Easter Sunday I found myself sitting on the sofa with my daughter, future son in law and my wife (Kim) watching this dude named Bubba win the Masters. "Bubba" now that's someone I can cheer for and he is a Bulldog....

So as we are watching I hear the commentary mention that Bubba has never took a single golf lesson and has never had his swing computer analysed. Then suddenly a light goes off in my head! Hmmm..... I still have a chance to improve my golf game in the near future because I have had that all done recently.

It's no secret I do not take game of golf as serious as the next guy. I just want to knock the crap out of that little white ball! Trust me I am going to have fun for 18 holes. If I am not having fun I will quit playing this game. Sorry if I offended you want to be serious golfing folks.... not really!

Today I am looking for some assistance in improving my game either on the course or online. So this morning I type in "Improve my Golf Game" and I click on the first link and it says.... "Another thing to consider is to take lessons with a pro or at a high tech store where they are able to see your swing data on a computer to give you feedback on what you are doing wrong along with what you could improve on."

Hey Golf Web Sites, you might want to update your web sites because Bubba didn't do it and he just won The Masters.....lol

Congrads Bubba & Go DAWGS!

Thanks for reading..... BRANCH

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